Kamis, 06 November 2014

A Review on Online Learning

OLC4TPD (Online Learning Community for Teacher Professional Development) is one of the website which provide online learning made by some expertise in education to gain knowledge and share each other. This website is a recommended website especially for teachers and students because it not only provides some courses we could join, but also some article related to the topic which is discussed. Some courses which are provided in this website are Reflective Practice, Koala Bear Project, Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, Leadership, Assessment, Social Learning, Teacher Portfolio, Students Portfolio, and Teaching Bahasa Indonesia. This website is not only visited by teachers or students, but also professors and researchers who are gaining data for their thesis. Here, they can gain comments from viewers by posting some articles or cases to be solved.

Using online learning is not the new thing for me. In Faculty of Education, we have moodle which provide us the material and task in online ways. We can access the material shared by others and we can share our materials. We can add a discussion forum and talk about the latest issue happening in education. Joining an online learning forum like OCL4TPD brings lot of benefits. Besides getting some information and gaining knowledge, you can also expand your network of friendship because there will be a lot of people joining this online forum, so it is possible for you to get lot of friends.
OCL4TPD is also talks about Affective Education. Confronting this 21st Century, we need some skills which can improve and develop us to be a better person, and luckily, this website provide it. Good and bad side is always stay in every single thing in this world, include in this website. There are some good and bad of using this website. It is true that this website provides lot of information which is needed, but the display of this website is boring and old fashioned. It will be fun if this website is not only providing article or some videos, but also linked with another social media, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

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