Kamis, 06 November 2014

Happiness and Education: a Review

Happiness is the best feeling people have in the world; they will feel happy in their life when they have felt about sad in their life. As stated in every religion that later every people will get the happiness in their next life, which means heaven, if they do the good things in their life. People have to do something first if they want to get happiness. But what is happiness?

Happiness for me is when I am able to make people I love become happy. It is also a feeling when you can be what you want to be, without any force from other people about what to do. Being happy can make people relax, and unconsciously, being happy can make people life longer. When people feel stress or under pressure in doing something in their life, they need some refreshment to renew their mind by doing something that can make they feel relax, like watching movie, joking with friends, or do the thing they loves to do. Sometimes, being happy does not mean to spend lot of money, you can also be happy by surrounding with the people you love because being happy is not about what you spent, but what you feel.

Happiness is also needed in education. Why? Education is mostly done in the school, and that is why school has become the second home for most of students. That is why it is important to make them feel happy and comfort in school, because when they do not feel comfort to stay in their “home” how could education process work well?

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