Kamis, 06 November 2014

Problem Solving

Do you have problem? Do you ever encounter a problem? Do you ever think that you will never be able to solve your problem? Do you think that the problem you have is bigger than anyone else? Or do you never think “problem” as a problem?

Well, all of people in this world of course have problem, not only one, but a lot. With family and work, their own health care system, self-management, physical difficulties, or social environment. And what people have to do is to solve the problem, so that they will not feel stress or anxious to think about their problem. But how to solve the problem? Nah, that is why I write this article.

Problem solving, which means the ability of someone to solve problem, is included in one of 21st century skill, in part of learning and innovation skill. Before we talk further about problem solving, let us discuss first about what problem is. Problem is a condition when expectation does not meet with the reality. There are some factors which can arise problems; goal, object, operation, and constrain. Problem itself is divided into two types, well defined problem and ill defined problem. Well defined problem is a problem which has one and only clear-cut solution, like mathematics, statistics, chemistry, etc. While ill defined problem is a problem which has multiple possible solutions, like solving problem between couple who just has a quarrelsome.

After knowing two kinds of problem, so how do we do to solve it? According to William and Carey (2007), there are six steps to solve problems; identify the problem, seek out information and goal, brainstorm, choose solution, describe the plan, also review and revise.

1. Identify the problem
When we want to solve a problem, firstly we have to know the root of it. You have to take a look deeply on the problem. Just imagine that you have to solve about arithmetic problem when you just learn about multiplication. It is kind of impossible, right? It is just the same when you have to solve a problem but you do not know what the real problem is. So what you have to do first is identify the problem, deeply.

2. Seek out information and goal
Next step is seeking for information on how to solve the problem and setting the goal to achieve.

3. Brainstorm
Re-think about the possible solution, and consider about the after-effect of each solution.

4. Choose solution
After considering positive and negative effects from each solution, it is the time to choose the most suitable solution which can solve the problem.

5. Describe the plan
After you choose the solution, you need to describe the plan you have made to solve the problem, for example whom the person who possibly help you to solve the problem.

6. Review and revise
The last step is reviewing and revising. After applying the solution, you have to review whether the solution is running well or not. When the solution is not working at all, what you have to do is revising the solution and take a look back to the first step.

As a conclusion, in our life, there must be a lot of problem we face. The important thing we have to think is how we are able to solve the problem well.



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