Kamis, 06 November 2014

Guest Lecturer Session

This session of Affective Education class was quiet different with the previous class. In this session, we had a joint class with students from CurDev (Curriculum Development) class from cohort 2011. We also had a guest lecturer from Sekolah Cikal. In this class, we discussed about the 2013 Curriculum (kurikulum 2013/ kurtilas) and its comparison with IB curriculum used in his school. Our guest lecturer is a teacher and expert in curriculum.
What I got from his explanation is mostly about the use of IB curriculum in his school, Sekolah Cikal. He said IB curriculum is more flexible because the students can choose the course that they like or they want to learn the most. He also shared his experienced on how his students can master beyond what he expects from them only by watching YouTube. One thought which I remember from him is that teachers will be substituted by YouTube in the near future if they do not improve themselves. He thought what the point of being teacher then if internet, especially YouTube could provide all the things students need, like tutorial, explanation, etc. He then compared the IB curriculum and 2013 Curriculum which are similar in flexibility for him. Both of the curriculums have clear rubrics of assessment so that the students know what level they must achieve.

His explanation was mostly about curriculum, how he compared the two of the curriculum. And he rarely talked about affective component. This was not meet my expectation because I firstly think that he was going to explain about how to develop a curriculum with affective element inside it, but then he mostly talked about curriculum. So, my suggestion for the next is it would be better if we are able to get guest lecturer which not only talk about one topic only, but also integrated with another topic, moreover in joint class like this.

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